Asa tried the recent Opera 7.5 release and wrote about it in his blog. I won't jump in and make a debate or express my opinion on his entry nor on the Opera die-hards' comments (in that same entry) because I'm too worn out to think. But I do think it is interesting to point out the debate for those of you who haven't seen one of these in the topic of browsers (as opposed to the PC/Mac and Windows/Linux debates).

Asa posts an update later in response to reader comments.

PS. to Blogupdates readers, you've probably already followed the goings on at Asa's weblog, but bear with me - this is for my non-Blogupdates readers. Oh and if I seem to be hogging the top spot in Blogupdates, it's not me constantly re-posting my entry or doing some silly stuff - I think it's a bug regarding non-GMT times in the Blogupdates script and have informed Henrik (Gemal) already.