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To think I’d tried to set upon the path of setting up a CVS server a few weeks back to allow me and several friends sharing a dedicated server to have our own private CVS repositories. The approach I took was to setup the server for password authentication (pserver). Naturally, I failed to get it […]

A recently conducted poll at The Straits Times Interactive (online version of local leading newspaper) shows 71% (at time of writing) of the poll takers preferring an opt-out scheme “because [they] don’t mind knowing all that’s out there.” And spam? “It’s useful information to me”, at least for 68% of the sample size. Granted, the […]

So Singapore has taken a significant step against spam. I’m not going to comment on the antispam move in this entry (if at all), but I thought it interesting to check out the “free trial of anti-spam software” as reported in the article and found something interesting. The Singapore AntiSpam Resource Centre has a list […]

I get tons of anime via BitTorrent and one of my favorite BitTorrent clients has been BitTornado (previously known as Shadow’s Experimental client – nice rebranding too). I liked it because it was simple and light, and it uses the latest official BitTorrent code that allows for incremental allocation of files (since version 3.3). Before, […]

Ben Goodger says in this thread: Extension-Manager enabled builds should be available today on ftp.m.o []. Please start using these and test the new EM, file bugs! “Today” being 24 May of course. The Extension Manager is partially functional now in branch builds (which you can get from the Mozilla Firefox nightly FTP site – […]