If you've been a good boy or girl, you would have been going to Mozillazine Forums now and then to check out those "The Official Win32 build ... is out" threads posted daily by Peter(6) (for Firefox) and Ale (for Thunderbird). What exactly are in these threads? Well, they highlight the latest fixes, patches, bugs, regressions and related news (if any), among other things. A daily snapshot and report of the changes since the last official Win32 build, so to speak. Check out today's (2004-04-29) Firefox thread and Thunderbird thread and you'll see what I mean. Very, very useful, and all credit goes to Peter(6) for his hard work and also to Ale who followed in Peter(6)'s footsteps by doing the same for Thunderbird.

Screenshot of part of an official Win32 build ... is out thread

When Jacob XP asked yesterday in this thread whether an RSS feed for these official builds threads could be created, I had a feeling that tommorrow (which is today), there will be such an RSS feed. Such was my belief in the spirit of the community. And true enough, there is such an RSS feed for the official builds thread already in existence way before I logged into Mozillazine Forums today. This is possible thanks to Jay (aka Jayfromtaiwan), who's going to manually update an RSS feed with summaries of these official build threads, you have another excellent source just to keep track of all these great forum posts that appear daily.

Now we have an alternative to the just as excellent The Burning Edge, and more importantly (to me), a quick way to find out the latest Thunderbird checkins, changes and regressions.

Jay is also a custom builder as well, so do check out his Mozilla build site for custom builds of Firefox, Thunderbird, and the occasional Mozilla suite. Custom builds are unofficial builds created by good people, and will include things like processor-specific optimizations (such as SSE2 support for Pentium 4), optional components (such as the DOM Inspector and SVG support), and patches that haven't made (or may not make) it into the official builds.