The Mozilla Visual Identity Team has completed the new artwork for Mozilla Thunderbird, as Steven Garrity (Mozilla Visual Identity Team leader) reports.

Jon Hicks describes the process behind the design of the logo. Go check it out.

Naturally, I'm disappointed by there not being a new default theme for Thunderbird as I'd previously thought had been hinted at. But still, it is a great-looking logo, isn't it? It doesn't look like the mythical Thunderbird in Native American art that Jon Hicks pointed to in his post to me though. That would have looked cooler and made for a less demure bird - it is a thunderbird after all ;).

Screenshot of 32 x 32 Thunderbird icon

The new logo is included as the application icon in today's (2004-04-20) nightly build.Looks pretty nice as a 32 x 32 icon.

Screenshot of 16 x 16 Thunderbird icon

The smaller 16 x 16 version, however, doesn't seem to scale well and you can't really tell that it's a bird (with a resolution of 1024 x 768).

On a brighter note, the about dialog looks just awesome.

Screenshot of the new Thunderbird About dialog