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Update: Well, the problem seems solved now, and thanks to everyone for your advice :). Rather than repeat what I said in my comment, do check it out if you’ve replied to my call for help. Thanks again! This is a computer problem that has been bugging my desktop PC and me (me mostly – […]

If you’ve been a good boy or girl, you would have been going to Mozillazine Forums now and then to check out those “The Official Win32 build … is out” threads posted daily by Peter(6) (for Firefox) and Ale (for Thunderbird). What exactly are in these threads? Well, they highlight the latest fixes, patches, bugs, […]

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Server move imminent

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26 Apr 2004

Just a note in case someone wonders why this site is down or looks kinda funky in the next 24 hours (or so), I’m changing servers yet again. Update: after some problems with DNS (there wasn’t a SOA resource record), we’re finally at the new server. Write me if you notice something missing or just […]

This is a mini-article I wrote for the SitePoint Community Crier after a fellow staff member requested that I write some helpful tips for “next week’s Crier”. It’s just been published in Issue 64 and I’m simpy reproducing it here. The SitePoint Community Crier is the newsletter of SitePoint Forums, and is put together by […]

Actually, just the extension manager menu item has been turned on, and a non-working dialog for updating extensions (hence the “pre-preview” – it is not a mistake). This can be seen in today’s (2004-04-21) nightly builds – I was alerted to this by this CVS comment Ben Goodger gave on a checkin of his: turn […]

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