Firefox profiles are now in “Firefox” folder

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12 Mar 2004

A while back, I mentioned that Firefox profiles will be migrated over from the old “Phoenix” directory to a “Firefox” directory. Ben Goodger (Firefox lead engineer) postponed the migration from last Friday to yesterday, and the latest nightly builds now include this change (see bug 203077).

If you are using an official nightly (or an unofficial nightly – see the MozillaZine Firefox Builds forum), you will be prompted with this screen when starting the new build if you have more than 1 profile:

Firefox profile import wizard

Select the profile you want, and your settings and preferences will be imported:

Firefox profile import wizard success screen

At this time, it appears that the saved form information is not imported. Can anyone verify this?

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Gavin Sinclair

March 13th, 2004 at 1am

I tried the nightly on my machine with only one profile and on startup I was given a choice of import from IE, NS4, NS6/Moz, or Opera.

The next button in the import would not work whichever I chose (though I probably don’t have profile data from NS4 on this machine anyway).

I cancelled the import wizard and found that the existing firefox 0.8 profile had not been recognised, and had to manually manage profiles.