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Looking at the recent checkins to the Firefox source tree, you can see that Ben Goodger has checked in the initial files for the upcoming Extension Manager (see bug 170006). The Extension Manager aims to provide for extension uninstallation (currently, you can only disable via the UI – you can, however, remove extensions manually), extension […]

Dogtoe reports that Google’s new look is official. Previously you could get the new look with a bookmarklet. I also came across this Personalized Web Search at Google Labs which I think is new (could someone confirm?). You can specify a profile (which is saved in a cookie), search for something, and move a slider […]

allen has an excellent and constructive evaluation on the usability of the default Thunderbird theme (Qute) icons in this thread at MozillaZine forums. Interestingly enough, I’ve used Thunderbird since before the current default theme was instituted and never noticed the usability flaws of some of the icons before I read allen’s post. I tend to […]

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Flexer recently posted his encounter with a website that tried to get him to install a malicious XPI (Firefox extension). Upon the user clicking “Install”, the install.js (the script that performs the actual installation) tries to execute the contained executable, which is xxxtoolbar, as Paradox52525 reports. Here’s a snippet of the code in the install.js: […]

Now here’s a nice feature just checked into the Mozilla Firefox source tree that everyone wants – deletion of autocomplete results (bug 171605). There’s always the odd occasion where you want to just remove a certain entry, but don’t want to have to clear your browser history (and consequently lose everything else that you want […]