Note: I am not inviting anyone I don't know even a bit of anymore! I've been getting a good number of requests and I have decided that it just isn't right to invite just anybody. Please do not ask for an invite. Thanks for your understanding.

... You forgot the most important thing - your email address!

I've been getting a couple of people coming in from Ben's Thought Crimes asking if I was willing to invite them into Orkut when they noticed I gave Ben an invite when he asked. I don't really like to do so, but I could invite people I don't know (I know Ben, sort of, so that's different) when they ask politely. But it's hard to do so when there isn't a way I can get back to them, much less get Orkut to send out an invitation (Orkut sends invites via email).

Not that Orkut really does anything for me at the moment. If you want to see what it's all about, fine, I may send you an invite, but I'll "delete" you as a "friend" after that.