Mozilla Europe, a non-profit organization that was recently founded by several European Netscapees and Mozilla contributors, has just launched its website. Read the press release.

Some would say the website design has a certain Communist theme to it - I wonder if it's not because of the judicious use of red and stars. Very nice, nonetheless. My only complaint would be the accessibility links which appear when you roll over them. Somewhere below the navigation bar, there are 3 links: "skip to Navigation", "skip to Search" and "switch language", which are hidden by applying a white color to the text, but become black when hovered. Confusing to a normal user to say the least. At least it confused me a bit when for a moment I thought the site just managed to produce a Peek-a-boo IE6 bug. But of course not, this is Gecko we're talking about ;). Back on topic, I don't see the point of providing accessibility links in this manner since it appears for users who don't need them when they least expect it. Try Mark Pilgrim's advice. Not to take anything away from the designer(s) though - they have done an excellent job.

Update: The designer of the Mozilla Europe website, Sam Latchman, has made clear several things in his comment. Most importantly, "display:none" does not pass muster on many screen readers as proven on css-discuss.