I seem to have picked up a handful of Google-related bookmarks. I think I have way too many at the moment so it is as opportune a time as any to start making link dumps.

  • Hidden Google Tools writes on several tools you probably never knew existed. Some of these are listed below.
  • Soople provides a form-based front end to many of Google's more advanced operators. Nothing to it really - just a simple form submission to Google with the appropriate query string. But convenient nonetheless.
  • Fagan Finder is quite like Soople, though it has an IE-only version which I didn't bother to check.
  • Google WebQuotes is a beta application from Google Labs which "offers a convenient way to get a third party's opinion about each of the returns for your search, providing you with more information about that site's credibility and reputation".
  • Google Guide is an interactive tutorial on how to use Google more effectively.
  • Google has a help page on Advanced Search Operators. Nice to keep it handy.
  • Google offers special searches within specific topics, including searches for Universities and other institutes of education with university searches.

Now that's 7 less bookmarks which makes it, erm, 1196 - 7 = 1189 more bookmarks to go through.