Blogzilla exposes some Windows source code

In: Operating Systems

14 Feb 2004

Update: I notice lots of people coming in to this page from Google searching for “windows source code”. Whoops, sorry, but this isn’t the place to get the actual source or any real news on it. Do stay and look around if you’re interested though :)

Blogzilla takes a look at some Windows source code derived from “unnamed sources”.

We here at redemption in a blog were also provided with some choice bits of the source code via unnamed sources:

if( application.language == JAVA ) {

set_speed_step_factor( 0.50 ); // decrement clock speed to 50%
set_crash_probabilty( 0.80 );

if( application.toolkit == SWING ) {
render_speed( UNBEARINGLY_SLOW );
start_idle_task(); // start an invisible process to consume CPU cycles

In other news, Dilbork, everyone’s favorite geek comic, has a strip on Mozilla.

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February 16th, 2004 at 9am

Nice one!



April 8th, 2004 at 9am

Well, Work Is Hard
Argh. Why oh why did I have to get Neverwinter Nights right now? I have loads of work to do, and I’ve done very little so far. if( simon.homework == LOTS ) {  set_attention_span( 0.1 ); // one tenth usual…