It's been posted all over by now, even Slashdotted ( was down for quite awhile earlier), Neowin-ed, blogged a thousand times over. Yes, Mozilla Firebird is now known as Mozilla Firefox. With the 0.8 Milestone release of the lightweight Gecko-based browser formerly known as Phoenix (now also formerly known as Mozilla Firebird), the Mozilla Foundation has come up with a name which shouldn't run into any legal tussles like the old Phoenix and Firebird names seemed to attract (well, the Firebird name wasn't exactly a legal tussle, more like an act of brotherhood among fellow Open Source developers).

Ben Goodger (Firefox Engineering Lead) wrote about the rebranding of Firebird to Firefox. Steven Garrity was drafted in as the new Visual Design Coordinator who developed the new Firefox icon you see below (together with the rest his team). Jon Hicks implemented it (meaning he did the computer graphic design work), as he describes in his journal entry. Yes links galore and more to come.

Firefox icon

The rebranding also entailed some new spiffy icons, decals and ads which you can find in the Mozilla Firefox ad webpage. If you had a Firebird button or ad, it's time to update them! For my case, I had an 80 x 15 pixel Firebird blog button, but the new Firefox one is 94 x 15 pixel large, which was totally out of whack with the rest of the buttons. Photoshop to the rescue...

Firefox button

So what's new in Firefox 0.8? I won't repeat what's already been written, so you can refer to the Firefox What's New section and Jesse Ruderman's listing of new features and bugfixes. In particular, one nasty regression that wasn't fixed was the "Installing 2 extensions without restarting re-launches extension-installer for previous installed extensions" regression. Hell, one of the biggest flaws of Firebird was it's poor extension management. Extensions often break a Firebird installation, like Tab Browser Extensions (Firefox 0.8 doesn't seem to work with TBE, so I got this patched TBE extension which you can get as well). Piro Date (author of TBE) has updated TBE and it works with Firefox 0.8. See his post in his forum. And removing extensions has to be done manually (and tediously). Thankfully this will be addressed in Firefox 0.9 where an extension uninstaller is planned.

As for zip builds (as opposed to installer builds) for Windows, there isn't an official one yet, though Ben Goodger says he'll have one by the week. Unofficial builds are also being released, and the best place to get them is to check out the Firefox builds forum at jesus_x has a zip build which was highlighted at MozillaNews.

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