Why your Movable Type blog must die goes out of the way to spectacularly insult weblogs. In particular, the author slams Movable Type for "bad design" and being vulnerable to comment-spamming scripts. Funny. Provoking (to MT users and bloggers at least). Read it, laugh, and move on.

Doug provides some insight into the Kuro5shin article:

The K5 article is not a simple rant by an individual. It is part of a script-kiddie assault on MT weblogs.


The K5 posting was written by one of the script-kiddies, and not surprisingly it provides a link to the crapflood script.

Read Doug's entire comment.

James Joyce, the article author, has also made a response where he says of this weblog:

There was also the person who made two identical TrackBacks and thought it was funny.

The article was funny, yes, but "making" 2 identical TrackBacks wasn't my intention nor was it meant to be funny. I'm not saying MT doesn't have it's flaws, erm, dude, I'm just saying your insulting tone is simply that, insulting, which makes it harder to take you seriously.