The force that is Slashdot

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1 Feb 2004

You must have heard of the Slashdot effect. It is real. It is of a magnitude beyond your imagination. Yesterday I felt a teeny weeny jolt in bandwidth simply because someone linked to my “New IE vulnerability – fake URLs” entry in this Slashdot article entitled “Microsoft Advises to Type in URLs Rather than Click” in a comment. A comment that is found about 80% down a page that scrolls at least fifty times when you press the page down button.

Lucky for me I’m just below my bandwidth allocation for this month.

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Mark's blog

February 3rd, 2004 at 3am

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This post reminded me to write something about the Slashdot Effect. I hadn’t heard of this until a couple of weeks ago when ScottishClimbs was down for a couple of days because of it. The Slashdot Effect is where a…