If you came to my site, either now or previously, via QueerFilter, you were obviously expecting some GLBT content. The problem is, I'm neither of those, nor does this weblog have related content. So why the heck am I on QueerFilter?

Well, erm, the reason, you see, is a little dumb (and I'm a little dumbass). There was a period when I was looking for feed aggregators and weblog directories to add my weblog to, and when I came across QueerFilter, I added redemption in a blog summarily without checking out what QueerFilter was really all about. Duh! Apologies if I wasted your time.

Thanks to Richard Evans Lee's blog entry on QueerFilter, I found out my mistake. I sent an email to the QueerFilter owner/webmaster to remove my feed. Let's see if this entry appears up there now shall we?