There is no native RSS reader panel in Firebird 0.8 – phew!

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31 Jan 2004

I just read Matt Haughey’s blog entry on RSS native parsing in the next Firebird.

I was checking out the nightly builds of Firebird 0.8 betas (windows and linux, mac) and they’ve got an rss button and panel that parses RSS, with titles linking to the main window.

Gasp! The first thing I thought was how could I have missed something like this? When rationality took over, I began to feel pretty sure that Matt Haughey had made an honest mistake – there is not going to be a native RSS reader panel in Firebird 0.8 (or any future releases for that matter).

I did some Googling and satisfied myself with some answers. Firstly, there is no mention of a RSS reader in the Firebird Roadmap – even the phrase RSS didn’t turn up. Secondly, there exists a Firebird extension, RSS Reader Panel, which looks very similar to Matt’s screenshot. Thirdly, I trusted myself to know if there was something like this coming up in my beloved Mozilla Firebird.

Thankfully enough. An RSS reader sidepanel included by default would be widely protested by many (including yours truly) I would surmise. Bloat is one thing, having something like that in a web browser that promises to trim off the fat surely goes against it’s standing principles.

Update: I forgot to add the reason why Matt Haughey could be experiencing this. It is entirely possible that he had previously installed the RSS Reader panel extension into his Firebird profile and summarily forgotten about such a fact. And yeah I wanted to contact him about it, but comments aren’t allowed and I can’t find an email address anywhere. If anyone knows how I can contact him please let me know ASAP.

Update 2: Nevermind I found his email address.

Update 3: I got through to Matt and he has made amendments to his blog entry. Yay!

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February 1st, 2004 at 3am

What is the difference between using the Mozilla suite (which I am using right now) and using Firebird and Thunderbird?? Is there a benefit to using one or the other or is it about the same? I have an older computer (64 ram only), and I notice Thunderbird is huge on RAM resources. Otherwise I would use it, because I really did like it. The suite (mozilla) is integrated and seems to run smoother on my computer. In fact it works great! Was wondering what your opinion is. Thanks!


Cheah Chu Yeow

February 1st, 2004 at 2pm

Honestly I can’t tell you too much about the Mozilla suite because I have limited experience using it. I recently tried Mozilla 1.6 and the first thing that striked me was the really dated icons in the default theme. Appearances only of course, but they matter more than anything because to the common user, the interface is the program. had a call out for new icons for their default theme awhile back but I can’t find that page now.

That aside (which really isn’t a big deal to me), one thing I really liked was how much faster it was for my setup – with the fast launch thing (what’s it’s name again?) that resides in your memory, bringing Mozilla up was way faster than for Firebird. I did a little investigation in the MozillaZine forums and found that the possible reasons for my slow startup time are probably my extremely large bookmarks.html, my extensions (TBE is a big culprit), and my home page(s) (set to 5 pages). Without any serious benchmarking, I can’t say exactly which is faster, Firebird or the Mozilla browser in the suite. I can tell you though that Opera in my experiences comes up the fastest whenever you do a context switch – that is one mean, fast browser.

There really isn’t too much of a difference I would guess, because ultimately Thunderbird and Mail/News have the same codebase. There are differences, though I can’t tell you offhand because I never used Mail/News seriously before. I would at this time refer you to these threads in the MozillaZine forums: Thunderbird/Mozilla News ? and Why should I switch? (2nd post).

Curious, how much RAM does Thunderbird take up in your computer? I built my own recently using gcc and mingw and that one takes up around 22MB of RAM.