The PHP Anthology arrived in the mail today. Shipped by USPS, I wasn't too impressed with their delivery when it came in a flimsy paper package and was subsequently stuffed into my tiny mailbox. The result - two noticeably squashed up books with dented splines and dog-eared corners.

Picture of The PHP Anthology

Anyway, acrimony aside, the PHP Anthology is a set of 2 books written by Harry Fuecks of phpPatterns fame. Harry is rather reputable around the PHP circles, and also in the XUL community. He also was a co-author of one of those big red Wrox Press books dealing with XML. So I'm looking forward this latest publication of his - it should be good.

Well, I do have SitePoint to thank for sending me a complimentary copy as part of the benefits program at SitePoint Forums - being an Advisor (otherwise known as a moderator in discussion forum parlance) has it's perks. Now if I just have the time to read the books to return SitePoint the favor with a testimonial or a review...