I'm deliberately making a point to let everyone know of my recommendation that they should blacklist weblog.cemper.com if they do not wish to receive TrackBacks that are only marginally related from the aforementioned weblog. I wrote about this before and I haven't forgotten that I said Christoph Cemper "isn't a TrackBack spammer". That opinion still hasn't changed because he isn't a spammer in the conventional sense, as Jay Allen has mentioned. I also don't want to begin a debate on what qualifies as TrackBack spam and what doesn't.

I do, however, want to point out to anyone who chances upon this entry that Christoph has had a series of complaints made against him for his TrackBack pings. All are dismayed to find his entries from which the TrackBack pings were sent are minimally related to their own entries. Therefore, I recommend those of you with blacklist software of some sort like MT-Blacklist to put "weblog.cemper.com" into your blacklist to save yourselves future work in removing TrackBacks you most likely would rather not have.

At this point though, I'd like to make a disclaimer that this is solely my opinion and my own recommendation that you do so. You also shouldn't just do what I say - if this issue concerns you at all, take it upon yourself to investigate the grounds for my recommendation. To that end, I have compiled a list of related weblog entries and links to start you off with at the bottom of this entry.

Christoph Cemper also addresses the complaints made in his entry addressing TrackBack Spam complaints. Another blogger, Camilo, wrote a nicely composed argument on Spam and censorship. In his entry, he questions the use of a clearinghouse as a form of censorship. I agree with him and have made it clear that it wasn't my intention to censor Cemper.

To Mr. Christoph Cemper: Don't take this as a personal attack. I just don't see your side of the argument and as far as I can tell you are still doing it and annoying other bloggers.

This is the list (so far) of bloggers I know who complained (and links to their corresponding entry, if any):