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I just read Matt Haughey’s blog entry on RSS native parsing in the next Firebird. I was checking out the nightly builds of Firebird 0.8 betas (windows and linux, mac) and they’ve got an rss button and panel that parses RSS, with titles linking to the main window. Gasp! The first thing I thought was […]

SScrabble (Solitaire Scrabble) was created using purely XHTML, CSS and some clever JavaScript. Really neat stuff (although DHTML Lemmings had much more oomph in terms of pure wow factor – too bad it had to be taken down due to copyright issues). The Man in Blue speaks on his experience coding this SScrable thing up […]

InfoWorld reports on the new Internet Explorer security hole that allows file download extensions to be spoofed. The hole allows the site author to make it appear that a downloaded file is safe by spoofing it’s extension, when in fact it could be anything, including malicious executables. Security company Secunia has a demo of this […]

Mozilla Firebird 0.8 is almost ready to be shipped, thanks to Jesse Ruderman for pointing out that small detail in the latest staff minutes. Expect it Friday (today!) or Monday. Jesse Ruderman has listed the new features and major bugfixes over at this entry in his blog. Nothing much there you won’t be unfamiliar […]

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Nothing to redeem here

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28 Jan 2004

I got this weird email just a few hours ago: Message sent via contact form by: kimberly capps URL: how do i get the redemption button for my email? I was confused about this “redemption button”, so I asked this Kimberly: Hi Kimberly, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Could you explain a little […]