Bloglines just pushed out a new feature they call email subscriptions. I've been using Bloglines as my weblog RSS feed and newsfeed aggregator for quite a while and always been pleased with the fast response times and easy-to-use interface. This new feature just about makes wanna be a Bloglines pimp.

So what the heck is this new feature email subscriptions? Let me quote Bloglines first:

Email subscriptions are great for announce-only or broadcast mailing lists that don't provide RSS feeds. They are also useful as temporary email addresses.

What Bloglines does is to setup an email account for you upon request (just click a link) and you can then use this email address to subscribe to your favorite mailing lists or newsletters (like the Mozilla Links newsletter). Any email you receive in that email account then appears in your "My Blogs" section just like any other newsfeed or blog RSS entries! How cool is that? Not cool enough for you Mr./Ms. Cynic? Think of this: you have a way of reading emails without an email client (whether web-based like Hotmail or application-based like Thunderbird or Outlook Express), AND a free "junk" email account just like those described here that you can use for any purposes. What's more, there is a measure of permanence to these accounts since the email address is yours to keep until you choose to delete it. Even better, Bloglines will be adding the ability to reply to messages soon.

If you haven't tried out Bloglines yet, give it a shot. You may just like it. Oh and Bloglines doesn't pay me to do any pimping like this. I'm not even sure how they make money in the first place.