Movable Type 2.65 has just been released - mostly a bugfix release with a few added features. The mt-send-entry.cgi fix is included (it already was included in any MT 2.64 packages after the flaw was discovered and summarily fixed), of course. As is a security issue with the XML-RPC server, details of which are, I think, intentionally undisclosed to prevent exploitation in the interim. MT users are encouraged to either upgrade to 2.65 or grab the fixed version of immediately.

Added features include an Atom syndication template and 2 template tags <MTIfNonEmpty> tag and <$MTEntryModifiedDate$> tag. In particular the <MTIfNonEmpty> tag frees you from having to install the MTIfEmpty plugin to achieve a similar effect.

Details about Movable Type 3.0 were also released, tantalizingly dangling nice new features in front of MT users' collective monitor-reflecting eyes/glasses.

Support for the Atom API is promised - yummy! Read Mark Pilgrim's article on the Atom API if you're clueless about it.

Comment registration will also be added in response to comment spammers. Nice, but I'm still thinking I'd rather not comment on someone else's weblog if I had to register first - I'm doubtful it will be well-received, but I'd like to be surprised at what Six Apart can do. Surprise me, Six Apart, you hear? What I'd really like to see is something along the lines of Jay Allen's MT-Blacklist incorporated into MT. It is by far the most indispensable MT plugin I've ever used.

It also seems that moblogging will also make an appearance, judging from this bit in Movable Type's news article:

Additionally, for those interested in posting from mobile devices, we expect this to be a welcome release.

The rest of the announced features seem pretty mundane. I'm pretty sure the developers are hiding the good stuff from us.