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14 Dec 2003

MT-Blacklist Updater is back up and works, this time. I’m still in need of testers so do try it out and let me know of any bugs you may find. Thanks!

Comments, suggestions, bug reports are highly appreciated.

I used to use a very simple PHP script which simply grabs the latest master blacklist and overwrites the local copy on my server. I didn’t think too much of having any entries I’d made myself being overwritten then. Now I do, after I received quite some spam that wasn’t caught by MT-Blacklist, and decided to rewrite it so that it uses the blacklist changes RSS feed to update my local blacklist non-destructively.

The results of a few hours work (mostly spent writing documentation!): MT-Blacklist Updater.

Didn’t work! See this and this.

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December 12th, 2003 at 3am

Thanks for this! The MT community definitely needs it. I’ll be installing this soon ;)



December 12th, 2003 at 8pm



Jay Allen

December 12th, 2003 at 9pm

Hey there and thanks for writing this. I just looked over the source code briefly and noticed that you are writing your updates into the blacklist.txt file. Is that correct?

If so, then unfortunately, your changes are never going to be seen by MT-Blacklist. The plugin writes out the blacklist.txt file (assuming the user chose this in the configuration) any time the blacklist is changed through the web interface. It does not use this file for anything — it is write-only.

The blacklist data is pulled from either the mt_plugindata table (if using Storable) or the YAML file on the filesystem (if using YAML).

Let me know if i read the source right.



Dennis Pallett

December 13th, 2003 at 12am

Jay, you’re right. I’ve run the script, and it did update my blacklist.txt file, but it didn’t update in my MT-Blacklist Configuration screen.


Cheah Chu Yeow

December 13th, 2003 at 1am

Woah you’re right Jay – that’s what happens when you don’t read documentation and assume too much. I suspected something fishy when Dennis Pallett (who kindly tested the script) reported that error as well.

I’ve removed the files and will have to go back to the drawing board.

My sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused! :o


Jay Allen

December 13th, 2003 at 1am

No problem! Let me know if you come up with a new version.


Cheah Chu Yeow

December 14th, 2003 at 11am

I’ve re-written MT-Blacklist Updater. It should work fine now, barring any further idiocy on my part.



December 15th, 2003 at 9pm

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