A good Mozilla Firebird nightly build

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9 Dec 2003

Finally a Mozilla Firebird nightly (2003-12-07) with most severe regressions fixed (severity as determined by Jesse Ruderman).

Builds since 2003-11-21 do not work with Tabbrowser Extensions (the fault is with TBE, not Firebird), so I’d given up on nightlies since. But this major regression-free build had me coming back and searching for a fix to this incompatibility. And guess what? There is a fix, provided kindly by me4get at the Mozillazine forums. The related thread is entitled Updated TBE for Mozilla/5.0 (Gecko/20031121) and you can install the updated TBE by clicking here.

I’m using scragz’s optimized builds – fast and works great!

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Adam Bramwell

December 12th, 2003 at 10pm

Great! Thanks for pointing that out Chu Yeow


Not all those who wander are lost*gnu

February 5th, 2004 at 1pm

firebird nightly and TBE
For people who use Mozilla Firebird as their browser, TBE is really nice/useful/awesome extension to have.

But the latest nightlies have been breaking with TBE install. This post talks about an updated TBE to fix that. The updated TBE is here. The r…