Abyss Web Server – small and really neat

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4 Dec 2003

The Abyss Web Server from Aprelium Technologies is one of the neatest, tiniest web server I’ve come across. It’s only 144 KB for the Windows version and the Mac, Linux and FreeBSD versions are around that size as well. It’s also free. What’s more, adding PHP support is quick and painless. Just follow the instructions for adding PHP support. I did all of it under 5 minutes (like Phil – see the source for this entry).

Adding ASP support and Perl support appear to be a snap too from a cursory glance.

Why is this cool? Because it is very useful as an easy-to-setup test platform for server-side scripts like PHP, ASP and Perl scripts. Being flyweight helps too, since there are no long download times for those still using dialup modems. Everything is run via CGI – there are no modules, unlike for Apache. There is a single config file, abyss.conf, which contains Apache configuration-like directives. The good thing is, there’s no need to go into the file to make changes – the web-based configuration interface provided by Abyss allows a simple click-and-point interface which is a breeze to use.

What a boon to beginners (AKA newbies) who often have trouble setting up Apache with PHP support. I’m going to recommend this as an alternative to Apache for anyone with difficulties setting that up in the future.

Source: Phil Wilson

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December 5th, 2003 at 3am

Interesting web browser – it would be nice to see some performance and souce size info.

Suspect that 3,500 lines of source will have fewer security issues than 70,000 – so chose to use http://www.mathopd.org

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Kyrah Jade Kayles

December 7th, 2003 at 9am

I’ve been using Abyss Web Server when I’m in Windows for a whie, it’s a very nice piece of software. I give it thumbs up beause it does what it’s supposed to, without skimping out on too many features.


LostFocus Blog2

December 5th, 2003 at 1am

Abyss Web Server – klein und einfach zu bedienen
Der Abyss Web Server von Aprelium Software ist voll funktionstüchtig, klein, kann dynamische Seiten erzeugen lassen, indem PHP, ASP, Perl etc. eingebunden werden und ist generell einfach genial. Profi-Features wie mod_rewrite sucht man zwar vergebens, …



December 5th, 2003 at 5pm

abyss web server
this webserver is very small : 144KB, even the requirements look good :) Less than 1 MB of free disk space 2 MB of free RAM TCP/IP support woo woo, and according to Cheah Chu Yeow and Phil Wilson it’s…