You never realize what you're missing until you experience it for yourself. I'd just bought a new yearly supply of contact lenses with the refractive index amended to the latest -6.00 (right eye) and -5.75 (left eye). Last time I had contacts made, they were -4.50 (right eye) and -4.00 (left eye). Either the last optometrist had the measurements all wrong or staring at the monitor the whole day has worsened my myopia.

And now with the new contact lenses, everything is so clear. I thought it was a slightly blurry with my old contact lenses, but in retrospect, it was definitely more than "slightly". I can see every blade of grass and every pore in your face (that is, if you ever stuck your pretty face close to mine in real life). I can see the bus number from a greater distance away. I can tell you what the first letter is in the 20/20 row of the optometrist's eyechart.

To those few of you who aren't myopic yet: take care of your eyes peeps! Stop staring at your monitors for too long! Hmm... What's the point? Nobody ever listens to nagging like this. I know I didn't.