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Fellow Singaporean Vanessa Tan has a nicely designed weblog, totally deserving of being nominated for Best Designed Blog at the Asia Weblog Awards 2003. One of the nicest bits is the comment postbit (“postbit” as in “forum postbit” parlance) which I had oohed and aahed over for some time before deciding to copy it. Yup […]

Yesterday I received 2 TrackBack pings for my entries on MT-Blacklist Updater and my October 2003 monthly report. What is interesting about these TrackBack pings is that the entries they were sent from had almost nothing to do with what was discussed in my entries. I began to think that I have got my very […]

Bloglines just pushed out a new feature they call email subscriptions. I’ve been using Bloglines as my weblog RSS feed and newsfeed aggregator for quite a while and always been pleased with the fast response times and easy-to-use interface. This new feature just about makes wanna be a Bloglines pimp. So what the heck is […]

Movable Type 2.65 has just been released – mostly a bugfix release with a few added features. The mt-send-entry.cgi fix is included (it already was included in any MT 2.64 packages after the flaw was discovered and summarily fixed), of course. As is a security issue with the XML-RPC server, details of which are, I […]

Some things that could prove useful to myself in future: ungreek is what you could call a lorem ipsum generator – it generates placeholder text from a variety of sources including the Old Testament, the US constitution and even the Internet RFC 1630. 4096 Color Wheel is a color wheel written in JavaScript. Nice to […]

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