Ever wondered how your website looked in Safari, but don't have a Mac? Well, now you can thanks to Dan Vine's automated online screen capture tool.

For those not in the know, Safari is the default web browser in Mac OS X, which is one reason you should care how your site looks in it. Safari utilizes the KHTML rendering engine which is the same engine that powers K-Meleon and Konqueror. KHTML is to Safari what Gecko is to Mozilla (and Mozilla Firebird and Epiphany). One thing I can say about KHTML - it's fast. I tried K-Meleon just to see for myself and it's light and fast. Here's what David Hyatt had to say about the merits of KHTML compared to Gecko.

Anyway, here's this site in Safari: screenshot. Nothing broken so far. Good.

Source: webgraphics