Getting funky with Nice Titles

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28 Nov 2003

Dunstan wrote up on an improved Nice Titles script in his beautiful and very interesting blog. What are Nice Titles you say? They are the brainchild of Stuart Langridge and appear on this site when you hover over a hyperlink with the title attribute set. If you’re using Mozilla or Mozilla Firebird, the CSS takes advantage of the -moz-opacity to give the popup div some transparency, and -moz-border-radius for rounded corners (other browsers will render an opaque rectangle).

Why Nice Titles? Firstly, they are kinda cool. And I like the way the URL is displayed in the popup div. Control over the delay between mouseovers and the div popping up helps to have title dialogs show up faster (or slower) than the browser default – I personally find the delay a little too long for “standard” titles.

All this is done using purely DOM methods (DOM is a W3C standard) and will work in all correctly-implemented DOM-compliant browsers. Of course, this method degrades gracefully in the face of text browsers, limited browsers in mobile devices, screen readers, etc. Want it for your site? It’s as easy as uploading the CSS and JS files to your webserver and linking to them. Any existing titles will magically become a Nice Title.

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Phil Wilson

November 29th, 2003 at 9am

Aha, I’ve known about nice titles for since Stuart first wrote about them, but was unconvinced, mainly due to the fact that _really_ nice titles need that transparent png file to work, and I was worried about the download times. It hadn’t occured to me to use moz opacity.

The effect works really well on your site. Nicely chosen colour!


A Random Act of Blogging

November 28th, 2003 at 1pm

Thanks to Dunstan over at and to Cheah Chu Yeow over at redemption in a blog for bringing Nice Titles to my attention. This is some cool stuff. You may ask what it is. Try hovering over a link…


Nothing Is Certain

November 29th, 2003 at 6am

nice titles
I’ve added a pop-up box to each link. If you hover your mouse over a link, and hold it there for a few seconds, a box should pop up with a description and the address. Looks pretty neat. Thanks to…


Schwer Log

January 3rd, 2004 at 9am

Nice Titles
Nice Titles are a wonderful addition to any web site. If you have the right browser you may hover over certain links on this page to see what exactly Nice Titles are. Here is an example from our site with…