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Ever wondered how your website looked in Safari, but don’t have a Mac? Well, now you can thanks to Dan Vine’s automated online screen capture tool. For those not in the know, Safari is the default web browser in Mac OS X, which is one reason you should care how your site looks in it. […]

Create your own South Park Character – here’s me: Have fun!

Dunstan wrote up on an improved Nice Titles script in his beautiful and very interesting blog. What are Nice Titles you say? They are the brainchild of Stuart Langridge and appear on this site when you hover over a hyperlink with the title attribute set. If you’re using Mozilla or Mozilla Firebird, the CSS takes […]

If you’re a Movable Type user, you probably already heard of the spam vulnerability of the “Email this to a friend” script in Movable Type. Six Apart has posted a fix, of course, with a disclaimer that the fix only discourages spammers, not prevent spamming outright. What is the vulnerability anyway, you ask? You may […]

An interesting coincidence it is that Mozillazine has posted a link to a write-up on how to access Hotmail in Mozilla Mail in its article entitled "Accessing Your Hotmail Account Using Mozilla Mail" – see my previous entry. Read the comments (or rather, “talkbacks”). I wasn’t aware of