This article, Internet Explorer Considered Harmful, is a good read for those of you still using IE. Granted, the rhetoric is somewhat biased against IE from the start, but those are some cold hard facts. Of course, there are more reasons to use a browser other than IE.

Also, this article entitled Branding Mozilla: Towards Mozilla 2.0 has been going round the blogosphere and I thought to link it for the benefit of those of you who haven't seen it yet, and for myself for archival purposes. That's the tyranny of tabbed browsing for you when using a browser which supports tabbed browsing. Anyway, the article is a very coherent piece on how the Mozilla project should brand (or rather, re-brand) its products and projects. I agree that the Mozilla lizard is a good identity, but I find that it lacks impact outside the developer world. Probably because of the play with the word "Godzilla" in "Mozilla" - having a lizard as an icon just doesn't seem serious enough. Of course, geeks always have a sense of humor, but in this instance, I think it could be hurting the Mozilla project's credibility to a certain extent among low-tech end users.