I don't think this page existed before today's major releases. Interesting to see Mozilla 1.5 in the comparison chart. I haven't used the web browser in the Mozilla suite since Phoenix 0.4 and it surprises me that it doesn't have configurable toolbars and the bookmark panel already.

Anyway, gimmicky as that chart may seem, there really is no reason to use IE in this day and age unless you're forced to, either by circumstances at work or just because you were born a masochistic Microsoft crony, or because some of the following reasons:

  • You've never heard of Mozilla Firebird - "The Best Browser, Bar None". Yes it may sound corny and somewhat unbelievable, but take my word for it - it's true.
  • You think it's cool and "in" to use IE because everyone you know is using it - hint: it's not cool, it's definitely not "in", and you're probably mixing with the wrong people. Unless, of course, you're one of the following people: Microsoft employees, politicians, lawyers, masochists.
  • You like getting those popup or pop-under ads because you actually click them. Maybe you find them exciting. Like how you find any new advertisements with David Beckham in it exciting :p. Popup blocking? No thanks, I like my popups fast and pornographic.
  • You find that having many IE windows open makes you look busy. Your boss sometimes looks over your shoulder.
  • You prefer obscure error messages when the JavaScript for a website has errors. Who needs a JavaScript console that actually spews out helpful error messages? In fact, you must think fellow web developers wusses when they use Venkman - the JavaScript debugger for Mozilla-based browsers to debug their JavaScript. I'll just use my extreme debugging skillz of being able to guess what is wrong by looking at every line of code, thank you.
  • You welcome websites which install a new toolbar for you, or set your homepage to their site without asking you. You believe that is the Ultimate user experience a website can provide. Anything which deprives you of that experience should never ever be installed on your system. Non-invasive surfing is an alien concept to you.
  • You think tabbed-browsing is just some kind of weird anti-Microsoft "web-browsing paradigm" that actually makes you lose productivity instead of gain any. Why would I want tabbed browsing for anyway? One webpage, one new window is your philosophy. After all, I have lots of RAM.
  • You haven't heard of "find as you type". Ctrl-F, type in search term, click "Find next" is all you know, and you're reluctant to try any of that new-fangled stuff that oh they say would speed up your searching.
  • You enjoy getting Windows updates (that is, if you use Windows). Getting the latest security patches for IE vulnerabilities makes you feel like a geek superior.
  • You are a new computer user and don't know how to install programs - your son/daughter showed you how to use IE the first time you got on the Internet.

Anyone reading this has any other reasons please to speak up so I can add to this list :).