Have you seen the beta version of the new Mozilla website? It's pretty! It's tableless! If you hover over the form elements at the top right, you'll notice that they take advantage of the :focus pseudo-class that works in Mozilla browsers (it doesn't work in IE). And the mini-tabs for the navigation bar at the top are neat too. Ah finally a nice-looking face for the Mozilla Foundation - something I can show converts-to-be without having to hide the ugly-as-my-mug website. Although the current one is pretty decent, but it isn't really that sleek.

Great job Mozilla.org webmaster, whoever you are!

Update: I found out soon after posting that the person behind the redesign was none other than Dave Shea, that guy whose blog mezzoblue is one of my favorite reads (thanks to Kyrah for pointing that out too). Dave has made some entries on his thoughts behind his mozilla.org redesign here and here.