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Came across this while reading the little orange book by Jeffrey Zeldman – Lynx Viewer. It’s a pretty neato Perl CGI script. Very useful for checking how your site looks to that minority of people who still use a text browser. Also very interesting to see how many sites break. See how important it is […]

Something looks awfully familiar in these screenshots (1, 2) in the version of IE that will supposedly ship with the next Windows (codenamed “Longhorn”). This after a build of Longhorn was leaked to the public. So it seems they finally decided to institute a popup blocker. And emulate Mozilla extensions with their IE Addons. Hmm… […]

When I’m coding or writing reports, I often find myself going into a trance-like state where I can’t keep myself from looking away from the monitor. That is majorly bad, and I know it, but sometimes I just don’t care because things have to be done. I figured I needed something external to enforce a […]

I’ve always been wanting to try out Mini-tab Shapes and finally got down to doing so. Granted, the whole thing was a no-brainer since all that had to be done was to copy the source in that page and tweak the CSS to suit the rest of the site. Initially though, I’d wanted to put […]

This article, Internet Explorer Considered Harmful, is a good read for those of you still using IE. Granted, the rhetoric is somewhat biased against IE from the start, but those are some cold hard facts. Of course, there are more reasons to use a browser other than IE. Also, this article entitled Branding Mozilla: Towards […]