A fellow Advisor at SitePoint Forums, Vinnie Garcia, has a blog! And how's this for a 3rd blog entry? In that entry titled "On tables, layouts, and CSS", Vinnie makes a very coherent argument on using tables for layouts - probably one of the most practical viewpoints to date.

We can love using CSS for our layouts fanatically, but we must also come to realise that sometimes tables will allow you to design truly cross-browser sites. At this time I've yet to find a 3-column CSS layout that doesn't break with varying column heights, without resorting to hacks. If a hack is required, I think I'd stick to using a table, thank you. At least until browsers are capable.

Vinnie sums up pretty nicely with this

I guess the moral of this rant is to remind everyone that while using Web standards is a smarter way to work, let's not get bogged down in theory and worrying about validation.