A List Apart redesign coming soon

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23 Sep 2003

Zeldman has given us a sneak peek into the new A List Apart. I’m not too sure I like the pinkish tones. Probably has to do with the online dating sites that now support ALA(A List Apart).

Supported by XDate Speed Dating, 30Dates Speed Dating, and for free online dating, xdate.com.

There’s no doubt it’ll look awesome as it was before.

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September 23rd, 2003 at 6pm

The design certainly speaks Zeldman’s very pronounced style. Nonetheless, it’s certainly a drastic improvement on the previous design.

What’s up with the dating ads??



September 23rd, 2003 at 7pm

What’s up with the dating ads??

Basically, ALA has been funded out of Jeffrey’s pocket (and I believe HappyCog’s as well, the company that he works for) for nearly ten years. With a readership as high as theirs, I’m surprised they didn’t put ads in their site sooner. They’re also doing it in a very unobtrusive way (a small text ad, in 9px high font). I think it’s a fair compromise for the vast designer/developer wisdom contained in those pages.



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