redemption in a blog received 6701 visits for this month of August 2003. This is also the first time my weblog has gotten a Google PageRank, the first being 3 and finally increased to 5 after the recent Google major update. What can I say? Google loves weblogs!

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Other interesting stuff:

  • For some unknown reason, pages from were unlisted on Google for a few weeks. They have started to re-appear in the recent major Google update. Why did they disappear? Some possible reasons I thought of:

    • my DNS not working correctly for a time: there was a time when DNS stopped working from several locations, but my host promptly resolved this.
    • my updating of blog pages from HTML to .php pages: not likely, but the site did stop being listed almost immediately after I did the switch.
  • I'm finding redemption in a blog has made a few people's blogrolls and feed subscriptions (like Bloglines. Who are you people? C'mon introduce yourselves and let me have a peek into why you read my weblog :).

Until next month, and thanks for reading!

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