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Kids these days…

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25 Sep 2003

Just today, I was waiting in the queue for the bus when the secondary school girl (probably 14 years of age) who was behind me in the queue dropped a coin. I think it was a 20 cent (the currency is the Singapore Dollar) coin. And she didn’t pick it up. I’m pretty sure she’d […]

A fellow Advisor at SitePoint Forums, Vinnie Garcia, has a blog! And how’s this for a 3rd blog entry? In that entry titled “On tables, layouts, and CSS“, Vinnie makes a very coherent argument on using tables for layouts – probably one of the most practical viewpoints to date. We can love using CSS for […]

Zeldman has given us a sneak peek into the new A List Apart. I’m not too sure I like the pinkish tones. Probably has to do with the online dating sites that now support ALA(A List Apart). Supported by XDate Speed Dating, 30Dates Speed Dating, and for free online dating, There’s no doubt it’ll […]

Thanks to Matt Thornton for pointing out this technical paper on Haggis growth and the use of Remote Sensing and GIS (PDF). No it’s not your run-of-the-mill technical paper. If you’re in need of a good laugh as I was, read that! After reading a whole bunch of (non-humourous) technical papers that one really strikes […]

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StumbleUpon toolbar

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20 Sep 2003

I’d recently installed the StumbleUpon extension for Mozilla when I came across it being listed as mozdev’s Project of the Week for the week of September 8, 2003. StumbleUpon is not just a Mozilla thing – its homepage has toolbars for IE and Netscape 7 too. What it does is to allow you to ‘stumble […]