Dealing with colors

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21 Aug 2003

Several tools to help the web developer in color scheming and color management.

  • Iconico’s Color Picker is a free Windows application that helps you pick colors and save them to your swatch. Very good for picking colors from sites and pictures. My only grouse is that it doesn’t allow you to save your swatch.
  • Color Schemer helps to create a color scheme when given a particular color. The resulting schemes don’t always work though.
  • Color Blender does as its name suggests – it blends 2 colors into 1. The results can surprise you – you may just find your new favorite color with some experimentation.
  • ColorChip is a PHP class that, given a single color, produces the complementary color, nearby hues, a light to dark version of the color, and more. You have to try it to be impressed.

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August 21st, 2003 at 11pm

Those are some pretty nice apps.

A couple more you might like:
ColorMatch 5K: a very clever JavaScript/HTML app that generates sets of color combinations around a color of your choosing, all done in under five kilobytes of code. Definately worth a look. Part of the 5K website competition, I think.

Korax ColourDrop: Similar to Iconico’s Color Picker but in my opinion a better choice due to some subtle features. You can save your swatches too. (Note: this is a direct link to the installation file…it seems Korax still hosts ColourDrop on their site, but they don’t really have a page dedicated to the app).


Cheah Chu Yeow

August 22nd, 2003 at 3am

Thanks for those 2 excellent links too! ColorMatch 5K is very nice – playing with it awhile turned up some pretty neat colors. Too bad I had to fire up IE to get it to work (I use Firebird).

As for Korax ColourDrop, I haven’t tried it yet – it needs to be installed and is rather large. Iconico’s Color Picker is a small single executable, so I’ll reserve trying it out for later.



November 7th, 2003 at 9am

Great comments guys. Peter FDA



December 17th, 2003 at 7am

The Color Blender tool is top – thanks for the links


August 22nd, 2003 at 1pm

Color color everywhere
Lloyd has a Javascript Color Select Widget (IE 6, and Moz 1.2) here. Another post on redemption in a blog points to this really cool php class that shows you a range of colors based on the one you put…


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