I'm really on a downward spiral. There's not one thing I can't bitch about, but right now what really gets me down is being scammed by my FYP(Final Year Project) supervisor. I went through a whole lot of trouble just to get his project and now he gives me one that is totally unrelated to the project title or synposis.

_Design of intelligent evolutionary software agents for e-commerce_ is the title and I'm doing nothing related to agents nor e-commerce. Instead, I'm continuing someone else's FYP(Final Year Project) which had disappointing results - something to do with Incremental Genetic Algorithms using the Michigan approach. Rest assured I don't understand what it is, nor does it excite me (I've read that someone else's technical paper) in the least. I did get assurance from the supervisor that there is a high chance of publishing a paper, so that is some consolation.

Whatever. I'm tossing around the idea of getting _yet another_ change in FYP(Final Year Project). Or should I just stick with it and tough it out? Damn. Why am I so goddamn unlucky? It's like I'm furiously failing every saving throw as I come to each challenge. Or maybe I just have a Luck of 3 (only RPGers will appreciate that).