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XUL periodic table

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31 Aug 2003

Alice Corbin has compiled XUL Periodic Table (requires a Mozilla browser) with all the widgets available in Mozilla XUL. Excellent reference, especially because the source is available at the click of the ‘Source’ tab. Keep this close at hand whenever you’re writing a Mozilla application – you’ll thank her for it.

The “Mozilla Links newsletter”: is coming soon – 1st issue to be released on September 2, 2003. The Mozilla Links newsletter is a biweekly publication covering topics about the Mozilla open source project, the Mozilla Foundation, other Mozilla independent projects, marketing, and mostly anything related to the Mozilla project. Looking forward to a good read […]

Peter Bowyer‘s entry on The Regex Coach – interactive regular expressions alerted me to the very excellent Regex Coach. The Regex Coach allows you to experiment with your regular expression (regex) and quickly determine how it would match your target string. It would be a very useful tool for trying out all any examples in […]

Dave Shea has published the 2nd installment of “A Second Voice“. This 2nd article is entitled Standards: Designing For the Future by Ian Lloyd. In it, Ian gives a personal account of his experiences promoting Web Standards in the workplace and his thoughts on what’s holding people back from accepting and practising them. As before, […]

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Free Classics eBooks

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27 Aug 2003

From Bharani’s Blog: Planet PDF is offering free PDF eBooks of classics including Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Moby Dick, The War of the Worlds, Pride and Prejudice, and quite a number more – none of which I’ve read, except for Alice in Wonderland. Not much of a classics person – give me Dragonlance, David Eddings, […]