redemption in a blog has seen a total of 18,000 16,000 odd hits in this month of July 2003. Not much - a petty amount in fact, but I'm glad to see that I am getting some readership at all.

Now onto more interesting facts, first being the most visited entries:

Top search strings:

  • thunderbird email - currently ranked no. 5 on Google
  • firebird google toolbar - 1st on Google
  • mambo 4.5 - 6th on Google

Other interesting stuff:

  • ranked 3rd and 4th for rounded tables - who would have thought?
  • ranked 1st and 2nd for jade weblogic - now that would have my old colleagues at the company I was interning at visiting my blog and finding nothing of use
  • NetNewsWire, a news reader for Mac OS X, is one of the top user agents - I wonder who you people are, or maybe someone got here from an aggregator.
  • Java1.3.1 is another top user agent - I wonder what exactly this is

Until next month, and thanks for popping by!