Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1 has been released. People who have been staying away because of the auto-complete crash bug, or have been annoyed like I was (but still stuck to Firebird for it's redeeming qualities) will be pleased to know that bug has been eliminated.

"The Best Browser, Bar None"

Other than that, the other bug-fix of note is a fix for the DOM security restriction bug which broke certain bookmarklets. And there's a snazzy new icon too. This is after all a maintenance, bug-fix release - the next major release, 0.7, will be out in the time of Mozilla 1.5 final's release date, and will feature upgrades to the download and password manager systems.

Note: If you'd bookmarked the Firebird website as, it seems to be time to update it. The 'front' page is, and that old page is now intended as a developer resource.