There've been some recent problems with hosting, primarily because of my sites (I'm on a shared hosting plan with 8 other domains being hosted). I do have no idea why this is so though, but it seems my robots.txt and favicon.ico files caused the server to go into very high loads (more than 90%). Funny thing is there weren't any in the paths provided in the logs, but I went ahead and deleted all that I could find. Guess I'll never know the exact cause of that, unless my webhosting service provider has a clue.

Anyhow, my recent installation of Drupal on caused my MovableType blogs, including this one, to be uneditable - no new entries or comments. It was only until recently that I discovered the problem was due to the .htaccess file in the Drupal installation, which prevented .cgi files from being executed.

So I'm back, not from the dead, but nevertheless with a vengeance, of sorts.