There's this publication called Computer Times which comes with The Straits Times every Wednesday - supposedly an IT read. Today's issue has this article on Singaporean Nickson Fong, COO of Digimax, which does CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) for Hollywood movies, among them The Matrix Reloaded. There's nothing wrong with Nickson Fong or Digimax (in fact, I'm glad a local "made it") - it's the reporting that I've reservations about.

I quote from the article:

The self-acknowledged geek builds his own computers and knows programming languages such as Unix and Linux.

Aforementioned "self-acknowledged geek" being Nickson Fong of course, who would definitely not have said that himself. The reporter (who's name would remain undisclosed in this blog entry) doesn't seem to have a clue. And this is an IT publication - if the reporter was a full-time employee of Computer Times, he should be transferred to a more suitable department!

It makes me shake my head really, and this isn't the first instance I've seen discrepancies of this sort in Computer Times, nor many other local IT publications.