Google has recently released a beta version of it's 2.0 version of the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. The Popup Blocker's good, especially since IE doesn't come with a built-in popup blocker like Firebird does. With Google's buyover of Pyra's Blogger, it isn't surprising to see a BlogThis button, which allows you to post a blog entry on the page you're currently at. Pretty nice, but I'd stick with MT's bookmarklet and Trackback - not that I have a choice, since only is supported.

If you're a Firebird or Mozilla user, you should really check out the Mozilla Google Toolbar.

It may seem like I've switched back to IE from this post, but that is not the case. I'm still a fervent Firebird user, except at work where for some reason Firebird doesn't work because we've been having problems with the proxy server. That makes me a sad panda - erm, no phoenix.