Thanks to a fellow intern (and friend) at work, I've gotten hooked onto anime. I've to be honest that I didn't think much of anime before - thought it was cheesy with those exaggerated, caricatured faces and, erm, Pokemon. That episode of South Park with it's parody of anime didn't help. Well, I was wrong - I was guilty of generalization.

There are quite a few excellent anime series and movies out there, which have truly engaging stories and characters. Naruto is one of those. I'm sure everyone would have heard of Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell and Gundam - these are immensely popular and excellent.

I'm currently following Naruto (one of the best and most popular series at the moment), Scrapped Princess (ditto) and E's Otherwise. I also borrowed the complete series of Dragon Drive ("My sweet honey") from my friend. Well, I have the time, now that South Park is showing reruns and Futurama is on hiatus.