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redemption in a blog has seen a total of 18,000 16,000 odd hits in this month of July 2003. Not much – a petty amount in fact, but I’m glad to see that I am getting some readership at all. Now onto more interesting facts, first being the most visited entries: Rounded tables with CSS […]

Those of us Computer Engineering (CPE) students in the Engineering faculty of NUS have really been hard done by this time. First of all, our selection of modules are a subset of those in Electrical Engineering (EE) – EE students have a much wider range of modules to choose from, while CPE have to compete […]

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Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1 has been released. People who have been staying away because of the auto-complete crash bug, or have been annoyed like I was (but still stuck to Firebird for it’s redeeming qualities) will be pleased to know that bug has been eliminated. “The Best Browser, Bar None” Other than that, the other bug-fix […]

Following up on this entry earlier today. Seems I got all the modules I bid for: Dear CHEAH CHU YEOW, Please find your bidding result for round 1A as follows:

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Harry Fuecks has written a very good article on PHP5 at SitePoint entitled ‘PHP5: Coming Soon to a Webserver Near You‘. It is a long article, but peppered with code examples illustrating the features of PHP5.

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