I'm confused by BEA Weblogic Server's implementation of JMX. I've been trying to figure out how WLS 8.1 allows configuration and addition of new services so that I can run JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment Framework) as a managed service (via JMX).

Basically, it would be a "port" of BlueJADE (which works for JBoss) for WLS. Now if only I could figure out from the BEA documentation how to add a managed service, but the JMX edocs were of no help - lots on how to manage MBeans, nothing on how to actually deploy one for a new service.

It appears that WLS's and JBoss's JMX implementations are quite disimilar enough that there isn't any resemblance in their XML descriptors nor their directory structures - I'm lost on how to proceed. And looking at how JBoss manages all it's services via JMX, with configuration descriptors (*-service.xml files) clearly visible in the server directory, I can really see how JBoss's microkernel architecture really pays off in this respect. I didn't even need documentation to figure out how it works in JBoss!