The following are installation instructions for integrating JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment Framework) as a managed container in JBoss using BlueJADE. It addresses several issues with group installation, which doesn't seem to work as indicated in the official installation instructions. I've posted them more for reference than as a weblog entry per se.

What is BlueJADE?

BlueJADE makes the JADE agent system a manageable service under a J2EE application server. BlueJADE allows JADE to become a service that can be managed through JMX (Java Management Extension).

Installation in WinXP

Setting up the environment
- Install JADE, BlueJADE and JBoss. It is recommended that a version of JBoss with Tomcat already integrated be used. Refer to their respective documentation on the installation process. This often involves simply unarchiving the binaries, or compilation if you're building from sources.
- Set the JADE_HOME, BLUEJADE_HOME and JBOSS_HOME environment variables to point to the respective directories.

Group Installation
- Pick a group under $BLUEJADE_HOME/groups to install. It's simplest to choose the 'simpleagent' group.
- To install the group, run the install script (install.bat) in $BLUEJADE_HOME/groups/simpleagent. 1 argument, the group to install, should be specified. A 2nd argument would copy over an existing JBoss environment if specified.
$ install simpleagent default
- At this point, you could run into problems. Apparently, the environment variables are not picked up properly by the installation script/program so you have to edit $BLUEJADE_HOME/bin/win/ to add in the "missing" environment variables.
The variables include:
Set these to point to the exact path/name.
- If installation goes well (no error messages), open the file $JBOSS_HOME/server/simpleagent/deploy/jade-service.xml. The element with name="ConfigDocName" should be pointing to an incorrect path - change it to point to $JBOSS_HOME/server/simpleagent/conf/jade-service-config.xml. Depending on the group you're installing, there could be more bogus paths - just keep an eye out for them and correct accordingly.
- Open that jade-service-config.xml file and make similar corrections for the 2 (or more, depending on your group) paths there:

Running JBoss with JADE container
- Run JBoss with the simpleagent environment by executing the following command at $JBOSS_HOME/bin
run -c simpleagent
- If all goes well, you should see no errors in the startup process and a JADE Remote Agent Management GUI appears (only for simpleagent and demoagent groups).
- JADE is now manageable as a service under JMX - go to http://localhost:8080/jmx-console/