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10 Jun 2003

Judging from this thread titled Your Age at SitePoint Forums, the web development and web design world is full of young talent. Patrick O’Keefe (iFroggy) is only 18 but runs a webhosting business, a webdesign business, and is webmaster of many popular communities. Marc James (mjames) is 17 and runs a successful sports-related site at Sports Central, among other achievements. Those are just 2 exemplary individuals who are young and are making successful web-related careers.

I wonder – are there and prodigies that are committers or project leads of Open Source projects like those under the Jakarta project umbrella?

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July 27th, 2003 at 6pm

Hey. :) Thanks for the mention.

I noticed this entry that your old blog (?) and then I saw your new one. :) So, anyway… thanks.